The LPFSC has been such a blessing to my life. As a first time mom, I was beyond happy to find out I was expecting. I was in a relationship at the time but as we all know, sometimes certain situations don’t always work out as we plan.

I quickly moved back to London and needed some supports. I’d like to think that I am very knowledgeable but there’s always more that can be learned. My mom died when I was 20 years old and a lot of my relatives live far away. So I reached out to the LPFSC. They supported me in many ways such as, counselling/support every few weeks, informed me of other programs offered in the city, as well as taking prenatal classes in the evening at the Centre. The prenatal class was taught by a doula, one of the many services the LPFSC offer. I was very fortunate to have this doula as an emotional support throughout my labour.

Since having my son we still keep in touch and the Centre still provides support, as needed. I really appreciate all they have done.