Covid-19 Protocols:

LPFSC’s client consent-based care will continue; however, we will adapt essential client care to lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission while working to preserve essential services as much as possible.

What to Expect at Your Appointment:

London Pregnancy & Family Support Centre will request the support of clients in limiting the spread of COVID-19, by asking them to stay home when under recommendations to self-isolate and by adhering to the following procedures:

1. When clients come to LPFSC for an appointment, screening criteria will be asked immediately, meeting the current government screening guidelines. If the client fits any screening criteria, we will rebook their appointment and ask them to go home immediately. Our practices include physical distancing, masking, and hand hygiene.

2. Clients will be given face masks to wear for the duration of their appointment and will be permitted to take masks home for personal use in accordance with current Middlesex London Health recommendations.

3. Clients will be asked to sign the In-Person Visit Screening & Consent form.

4. For pre-screened clients who are able to be seen by LPFSC, they will be asked to perform hand hygiene when first entering LPFSC, and the screening questions will be repeated.

5. Guests of clients (including friends or family) will follow the same procedure as clients.

6. Visitors to LPFSC will follow the same guidelines for screening and masking as our clients.

LPFSC continues to take all reasonable steps to ensure that organizational operations do not contribute to increased risk of COVID-19 transmission.

  • All in-office centre personnel will complete screenings at the beginning of each work day. Other COVID-19 prevention measures including physical distancing, masking, hand hygiene, staying home when sick, and mandatory isolation or quarantine will also be in place and followed.All centre personnel will wear a mask when providing in-person client care.

  • Additional PPE, including eye protection and gowns, will be worn as recommended by provincial guidelines for health care settings.

  • All non-essential social gatherings that are organized by LPFSC (including fundraisers) will be carried out in alignment with current government recommendations, including postponement as needed.