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SEX. THINK. DECIDE. this presentation is relevant, interactive and educates students and youth on the facts and statistics of topics such as STI’s, unplanned pregnancy, birth control options, media and influences, consent, substance use and sexual health. This presentation has received positive reviews from both teachers and students. Sex.Think.Decide is an excellent, interactive 1 hour and 15 min. conclusion to the health curriculum, stimulating thought and further discussion among students.


“I would highly recommend this program to other teachers looking for a great introduction or conclusion to their sexual health topics.” – Gr. 8 Teacher (2021 Review)

“This student-centered presentation made difficult topics, easy to discuss.” – Gr. 7/8 Teacher (2021 Review)

“This presentation was very well irganized and provided excellent information.” – Gr. 8 Teacher (2021 Review)

“I highly recommend this presentation as a great way to educate students about important areas of their personal health.”  – Gr. 8 Teacher (2021 Review)

“My 7th and 8th grade students felt like they were being informed to make their own educated decisions.” – Gr. 7/8 Teacher (2021 Review)

“I will think about what I’m about to do and the risks with it.” – Gr. 7 Student (2019 Survey Results)

“I wasn’t aware how easily STI’s can spread.” – Gr. 7 Student (2019 Survey Results)


…STOP. THINK. DECIDE this program is designed for secondary school parenting classes. In this presentation we utilize life-like simulators demonstrating:

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Affects of Drug Abuse
Shaken Baby Syndrome

Did You Know?
Over 300 babies in Canada are born with FASD every year.**
There is no safe amount of alcohol or drugs to be consumed at any time during pregnancy.
SBS is the most common cause of death in physically abused children.*

**Canadian Medical Association  *National Centre on Shaken Baby Syndrome

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