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loriIsn’t Spring a wonderful time of year? Time to say goodbye to the coldness of winter and embrace the newness of life as we watch it emerge in the form of colourful blooms and green buds around us. We love the fragrance and colours that explode as crocuses, hyacinths and daffodils peek out from the earth. And that’s how it is here at London Crisis Pregnancy Centre!

Sometimes in life something can happen that we don’t see coming. On the surface it may seem like a negative roadblock to our plans. It may cause us to wring our hands and panic, or spend sleepless nights looking for a way ‘out’. In the case of unexpected pregnancy, an interruption to what we see as our life’s plans may suddenly thrust us on a detour from ourexpected route. Knowing that you’re going to have a baby brings a whole new dimension of reality into one’s agenda, but what we find here at LCPC is that although unplanned pregnancy may look like a setback to some, to God it becomes a set-up for Him to bring newness of life and blessings to all whose lives are touched by this precious gift.

We are so blessed to be a part of this wonderful community of families who enter our doors at varied levels of concern. When we start our days here at LCPC, we have no idea what will unfold. For instance in the past month we’ve been privileged to support two deliveries, adoptions, and as the word ‘crisis’ implies, we have responded to a suicidal scenario involving a young client in emergent need of hope and support. Thankfully, we are partnered with amazing community agencies that liaise with us to provide timely and effective intervention. These are not rare occurrences here at LCPC. We believe that God has strategically placed this facility in the line of fire, where lives in turmoil are in need of loving and compassionate understanding and practical help. With the expertise of the medical community, our Doulas, and community referrals, our clients are provided with the optimum care and assistance. We are blessed to assist our clients in financial guidance, emotional/spiritual counselling, housing and shelter provision.

“Behold, I will do something new, Now it will SPRING forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert.” Is. 43:19

Our Annual Spring Banquet was a wonderful success this year, and we thank God for the beautiful families represented. Every Thursday evening, we continue with our STEP and GRIP. We meet at Open Door Fellowship Church for dinner, fellowship, and a time of sharing our hearts as we deepen our acquaintance with these amazing women and their children. This is a beautiful time of blessing and community building. On Mother’s Day we will begin our Baby Bottle Campaign, a fun and easy way to partner with us in this vital ministry as baby bottles are filled with loose change to MAKE change!! We thank God for each and every life that has come to LCPC, and for the joy of sharing Christ’s unconditional love and friendship as we walk side by side in this season of their lives.

And life is a series of seasons, after all. None of us is exempt from unexpected life changes. The beauty of seasons, as they enter our lives, is that they bring change. And that change causes us to stretch and grow and produce new fruit in our lives to bless others.

A Blessed Spring to each and every one of you as you enter your own seasons of growth!!

We would like to say thank you to all the individuals involved in supporting LCPC. To all those who donate items for our care closet and tend to it, who support us prayerfully, prepare meals for our GRIP/ STEP program, supported the banquet, donate financially, volunteer  at other fundraisers such as baby bottle campaigns and the western fair parking lot, those who supported client families during the Christmas season and contributed through hosting fundraising events for us. Also special thanks to Escapes Outdoor Living Design, Grant Harrison whose company installed our new sidewalk and is currently overseeing the sewer repairs.





j_notherMy name is Jim Nother. I have been married to my bride Gloria for 33 years with four children, and four grandchildren.  They bring  purpose to my life every day. I believe life can be like a grind stone, it can grind you down or polish you up. The Centre provided a lot of polish to my family. My daughter was in need of help and the centre has been a blessing to her and our entire family for what they did to make her the women she is today. I have owned my own business for over 25 years. My business experience has allowed me to help non profit organizations. My particular interest is in non profit organizations that help the less fortunate where children are involved. The opportunity to serve has allowed me to use my skills with my interests while serving. The Centre has been a great blessing in my life!


christmas_kids2012Christmas 2012 was a beautiful time at LCPC. Between our Open House, Christmas Party with clients and volunteers and the various community members who blessed our clients and stocked our care closet, we were beyond blessed. Special thanks to Beckie and Craig Lawson for hosting a Charity Christmas Tree to collect donations for LCPC, to all of those who came out and helped at the Christmas party, and to Impact church for providing the space. Thank you to all who helped prepare the lovely pies that were enjoyed that evening for dessert.

We would like to thank Nothers Signs and Recognition, Compassion Canada, James Packaging, and Laser Sales for supporting LCPC through donations and sponsoring individual clients families this past Christmas Season.

If you are interested in taking on a family to support and bless Christmas 2013, please contact us and we would be overjoyed to arrange a connection.


ferris_wheelThe 2013 Western Fair is to run from September 6th through the 15th and as last year, they will be offering free parking, however we will still be running our annual fundraiser with parking being offered at Open Door Church. Last year we raised over $4,000 dollars and it is our hope, with your help, that we can have another blessed year!

We would also like to extend an early thank you to those at Open Door Christian Fellowship for their generosity in making this fundraiser possible.



babyaThe May spring session of grip/step is off to a great start! In this session we are excited to be starting a new initiative by utilizing the services of a professional counselor to discuss topics related to mental health, including depression, anxiety, self- esteem, and self-worth. We feel that by teaching the girls to love and care for themselves, they can then love those around them with all the blessings God has instilled within them. This initiative will continue into the fall session and will include a new mens group which is something that has been on our hearts for some time.
hands_inIn our last session of Grip we were able to certify our girls with CPR training through the Second Breath CPR and First Aid Training Co. and our simulators. We would like to share with you that already this training has saved a life for one of our families.



rue_brennerMy name is Rue Brenner. I’ve been at LCPC as a volunteer this year, but have been a supporter in prayer for several years. I was an RN for many years, also have worked in the education system. Working with people of all ages and in all circumstances has always been my passion. Becoming acquainted with the staff of LCPC and watching as they tirelessly devote themselves to the clients, my heart was yearning to become involved. I completed the Volunteer Training and began coming in once a week to spend the day doing whatever I can to help. There is no shortage in variety of tasks, nor is there a surplus of free time, as the agenda changes moment to moment, meeting the individual needs of each person coming through the door.


My greatest joy is seeing the spiritual foundation that exists at LCPC daily, as the staff meets around the table and fervently prays for the issues at hand, the needs of the clients, and seeks to be made and re-made daily as vessels for the use of the Lord. I have no doubt in my heart that without this dedication to prayer in undergirding the work, the ministry would not be as nearly effective as it is. This is truly the Lord’s work. On the surface is may seem like a whirlwind of activity, filling the needs of clients as they present themselves for support. Yes, it is a 24 hr. a day commitment. Yes, it can be chaotic and inconvenient. Yes, it can even be exhausting and emotional for the staff who are readily available. But the more significant truth is that it is truly the Hand of the Lord extended lovingly in a practical and effective way to show His strength and love in the community. I am privileged to be a small contributor to this wonderful work.


client_storyBeing pregnant can be one of the happiest times in a young girls life. BUT, being pregnant, alone in a new city with no family, no job, no home, no finances, and no support can be one of life’s most difficult challenges. Elisha came to the centre with these anxieties and fears. We became her support system and took this journey with her. We found her as many supports in and throughout the community that we could. We helped get her connected with the right people in the community and tried to make her transition into motherhood as smooth as possible. LCPC was able to assist Elisha to get her finances sorted out (through Ontario Works), lined her up with a doctor, found beautiful furniture for her to have at her apartment, got her the proper counselling to work through various issues, assisted in getting her baby supplies and provided prenatal support through the LCPC’s STEP prenatal group which then led to her involvement in our GRIP program (the supportive moms group).

Through connections made at LCPC, Elisha is now moving into a new place that she feels she can finally call home. She is now actively involved in a church community. In her words, “In summary, all these new resources given through the LCPC blessed my life in so many areas, providing me with HOPE, with some very basic fundamental things that were taken care of, slowly taking one worry after the other off of my plate.”  Through the encouragement of LCPC she is now attending church on a regular basis, has been baptized. She desires to bring her friends to Christ. She is a wonderful mother. This journey that was once looking so incredibly difficult now has a bright future and hope because Christ is in it.


This year we are well on our way with the Sex.Think.Decide program in the London schools, with many new schools on board as well as teachers from last year reaching out to us for repeat presentations as they agree that this program is a powerful tool with today’s youth. While this important educational program offers young people the realities and implications of media and culture on decision making, we at LCPC felt that we could expand this program to also include Stop.Think.Decide. This program augments Sex.Think.Decide as a preventative tool by instructing them to the realities of drug and alcohol use in pregnancy, the devastating impact of Shaken Baby Syndrome, and the realities of caring for a new baby through the use of our infant simulators. We believe that by empowering them with accurate information on both fronts we are enabling them to make healthy choices!

So far this year 466 students and adults have part of these programs and the numbers continue to climb as bookings continue to fill the calendar! We have also been fortunate to have been given the opportunity to expand these programs into the LEADS program.



As a result of an increasing demand for support programs for our dad’s, we have a new initiative in the works that we are so excited to be launching soon! We have, in collaboration with a professional counsellor, already been serving some of these dads with parenting/personal support; however it is our goal to offer a program that meets their needs while also empowering them with the necessary tools to be loving dads and effective partners in raising their child. We see this program as an extension of our ministry and as a means of addressing a very serious need.



Thanks to the hard work and creativity of David Reid and Abbie Katz on our new website, there has been a marked increase in the number of unique visits which are those new to our site. From January through March these numbers are as high as 750, with page views, the pages viewed while visiting the site, as high as 11,391 and total visits, both new and return viewers, as high as 1,953.

We are so excited that this new look is reaching into the community and we are confident that its message will make a positive difference!
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A recent and urgent need is that roots growing around our facility have gone into our sewer lines and we have encountered water/sewage issues in our basement.

Please prayerfully consider supporting the ministry to meet this unexpected need.


baby_grinThe baby bottle campaign will be in full swing in the next couple weeks and will be in the churches for Mother’s Day as always although this campaign will have a new name. We are excited to announce it will be renamed FORMULA 4 HOPE. Last year we collected over $14,700 dollars and we are praying for another great year.

We welcome all churches in London to partner in this vital ministry, and we encourage your individual participation and support as well in the Baby Bottle Campaign. It’s simply filling baby bottles with loose change, bills, and even cheques!

This is one of our major sources of community support, and we are grateful for any and all help! It’s easy, fun, and gratifying to know you’re making such a difference in so many lives!

If you would like more information, we would love for you to come into LCPC to pick up a package which would give you step-by-step assistance in partnering in this life changing, life saving ministry.formula_small


banquet_2013This year’s banquet was held on April 5th, 2013, at the Hellenic Centre CommunityCentre. The turnout was fantastic with over 400 in attendance! It proved to be the most successful banquet we have had yet! Thanks to business and individuals who donated items for auction, combined with revenue from balloons, watch boxes, the mystery box, the generous donations of our matching fund, and personal donations, we raised approximately $50,000 dollars! We would like to thank all those who helped make this event a success from the many businesses and individuals who donated items for the auctions, those who volunteered their time to assist in organizing and running the event, and to all of those who attended.


As you consider how you may support the LCPC please consider partnering monthly with us to ensure sustainability of this ministry.

  • New or very gently used items for Care Closet:
  • Size: newborn to 24 months | Diapers size: newborn, 4 and 5
  • Nestle Goodstart formula
  • Gift certificates for food, groceries or WalMart for clients
  • Someone to provide, construct or design a literature/pamphlet display in the front hallway of the LCPC
  • Volunteer to reattach a piece of siding that has come down at LCPC, some outdoor painting and clean in and outside of windows

As the summer approaches and our largest fundraiser has passed, we ask that you prayerfully consider making a donation to help sustain the ministry for the duration of the year.